How to make nasturtium pesto


  • Nasturtium leaves: 150g - not the stems - save these for other recipes
  • Parmesan: 150 g
  • Raw Pine nuts: 150 g or opt out and use extra cheese
  • Garlic: four / five cloves
  • Good Quality Olive oil: approximately 200ml


  1. Prepare a jam jar or preserve jar.
  2. Wash the nasturtium leaves and pop into a blender with the pine nuts and garlic. Slowly add the olive and blend until you create a nice thick paste.
  3. Now slowly add in the parmesan. At this point I needed a little more oil and added pepper into the mix. I avoided using salt, just because I felt there would be quite a lot already in the cheese, but if you fancy adding a little more, now is the time to do it. 
  4. Pour your gorgeous new pesto into your jar. 

Spread on sourdough, fold into pasta or freeze into small portions for winter months.

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