HERB FOCUS: Chives (allium schoenoprasum)

Chives have a beautiful mild onion like flavor.
Chives stimulate appetite, ease digestion and help relieve gas.

Fresh chives are easy to grow. They require full sun or partial shade and a well drained soil with moderate watering. They tolerate frost and once established they grow and grow and grow.

Properties: antibacterial, antioxidant, carminative and a circulatory stimulant.

Best eaten raw in salads or on top of a meal to preserve their vitamin c contact.

The stunning pink chives flowering tops can also be used in salads as well. They give a nice decorative touch of color.

Chives , like garlic contain Sulphur an antiseptic property that helps ward of bugs that do not belong in our bodies.

Like garlic, chives contain many therapeutic actions such as stimulating circulation a s lowering blood pressure.

I like to add chives to vinegars, pestos garnishing my food as well as to dry sprinkles such as gamasio.

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